University of Bath MSc Health Psychology graduate. Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Volteface. Interested in addiction and drug reform.

This piece was originally published for Volteface

Industrial hemp is an incredibly sustainable and versatile crop that is able to produce a range of products. These include: textile, paper, ropes, insulation material, fibre boards, bioplastics, compost, animal bedding, fuel, paint, feed, food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicinal preparations.

The crop…

This piece was originally published for Volteface

Psychedelics are making a comeback. We’ve recently witnessed a wave of re-emerging interest and research into psychedelic drugs. This has undoubtedly been a beneficial force for breaking down stigma, whilst highlighting the incredible potential psychedelics have for healing deep-rooted trauma.

However, a narrative…

This piece was originally published for Volteface.

Oftentimes we are keen to distinguish between medical and recreational cannabis use. But does this distinction do more harm than good for advancing recreational reform?

Many assume that this distinction is an important one, but is it?

By no means should the medicinal properties that cannabis possesses for treating a range of health conditions must not be undervalued.

However, are we paying enough attention to ‘recreational’ reform? Is…

Fear, uncertainty, loneliness — increased psychological problems are a clear consequence of this pandemic. Could mind-expanding drugs be a possible treatment?

Photo by Sharm Murugiah

Psymposia’s recent article highlighted “changing society is much more complicated than changing our minds”.The extraordinary impact of COVID-19 across all facets of society requires interdisciplinary action as we are likely experiencing the greatest mental health obstacle of our time. Unpredictability, uncertainty, misinformation and social isolation are adding to the melting…

Microdosing may improve productivity, creativity and mood, but what does the evidence say?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

This piece was originally published for Volteface.

Microdosing has become a focal point for improving mood and daily functioning. Interest in this field is mounting with a 290% increase in videos relating to microdosing released on Youtube between 2016 and 2018.

Anecdotal evidence suggests psychedelic microdoses may improve productivity, creativity…

This piece was originally written for Volteface.

Yesterday, history was made with the UN reclassifying cannabis. This removes cannabis from the list of most dangerous narcotics, recognising its medical value.

The decision was voted on by the Commission for Narcotic Drugs. A series of recommendations on reclassifying cannabis were considered, the key being the removal of it from Schedule IV of 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The five remaining recommendations were turned…

Katya Kowalski

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